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Working From Home

Another day, another dollar.

Well, sort of. I'm working from home this morning, as the folks from Reliance Holmes will be by the house sometime today in order to finish the installation of the ductless air conditioning system. The air conditioning system would have been completely installed and tested on Wednesday, but for the fact that the external air compressor and fan had a fault and so that part of the ductless a/c system has to be replaced. As such, not only is the installation of the system incomplete, but the interior unit of the system couldn't be tested, so I have to hope that one isn't faulty as well.

In the meantime, working from home has been somewhat annoying today, partially because of the moist weather we're having (though the temperature isn't as high as it could be for this time of month), but primarily because the computer network for the office is down. (I'm actually writing this post on my home computer.) According to my co-worker, Donna, the boss is furious about the delay in work today, given this is a Friday. So I'm working in starts and spurts, and hoping the technical guys and gals at the office can get the network problems sorted out.
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