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Sunday Morning Blahs

It's a gloomy, rainy, cool day here in the Ottawa valley. The sun is not peeking out of the cloudy conditions whatsoever, and the gloomy conditions outside are just that.

Woke up this morning feeling achy and somewhat sick.

In all honesty, I can't tell whether I'm sick and have caught something, whether it's just my allergies, whether it's a combination of the two, or whether it's something else going on. Whatever the case, I've been having cramps in my lower abdomen, and just feel uncomfortable down below. I'm probably eating too much salad and vegetables.

I've been feeling ill and out of sorts since the installation of the new, ductless air conditioner earlier in the week, and I suspect it's primarily my allergies, but I have this feeling that it's also the stress of everything that's been going on this week that's getting to me as well. Stress is not good for the health, in my experience...

I am supposed to game with the Sunday gaming group, but more on that in another entry.
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