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Getting Ready for Sunday Gaming

Today, being Sunday, is a gaming day. So I will try and game with the Sunday afternoon group.

The Sunday players, spross and Tammy, are just getting into the Atlantis: The Second Age game at the moment, and will be wrapping up character generation in the early part of the afternoon. Then we'll start the game campaign, though I may have to go over some of the game mechanics and the like with the players first.

If there is one problem or difficulty that I have with running Atlantis: The Second Age at this point, as I discovered on Friday night in that game session, it's using a playtest document to run the game with, as the rules are a bit less organised and a bit more untidy than I would like. To be honest, I suspect this partially has to do with the fact that I'm still learning the game mechanics as I'm running the game, so I guess that's making me feel somewhat apprehensive as well.

In the meantime, I've got to spend a bit of time this morning re-reading some of the rules and jotting a few notes for sample combats and the like.
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