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Dinner at Kelsey's

I went out to dinner this evening with my mother. She was feeling bereft without some of her friends, and so I figured that dinner would cheer her up.

She told me that she wanted to go to Kelsey's, so that was where we went.

I had forgotten what I don't like about Kelsey's. Aside from the fact that the restaurant tends to be noisy (because of the way the acoustics seem to be set up), with music in the central area that reverbs all over the place, service at Kelsey's is notoriously slow most nights. This being Father's Day was no exception. After being seated by the server and given our menus, we sat there with water for a good twenty minutes waiting for the order to be taken. Busy night, I guess.

Mom and I decided to split the sizzling fajitas, and had them half-chicken, half-beef. Usually, when one has the fajitas, the platter with the meat arrives sizzling, but in this case, the order took so long to arrive that while the chicken part was relatively warm, the beef side was somewhat cold. We had the dish reheated, but it was obviously done in a microwave and the beef came out with that microwaved look to it that I didn't find all that appetizing. The meal was, overall, enjoyable for the company, but the food was really only so-so. Mom and I decided to split a piece of New York cheesecake, and that was excellent though I only had three pieces.

Just got back to the house about ten minutes ago, and am now looking forward to relaxing with the new episode of Continuum on Showcase before I head to bed for the night.
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