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Monday Morning Ramblings

Another somewhat grim and gloomy day here in the Ottawa valley. Cool temperature this morning, though it's going up into the very low 20s (Celsius), but there's rain in the forecast for much of the day in spurts and short deluges or so they say.

Since my car is still at the dealer for a paint job repair, I joined the car pool with Donna driving today in order to get to work.

Nothing to report here at the office, other than the fact that the network is sort of back up, but that the boss is still somewhat on the war path because of all the work time that was lost on Friday. I'm managing to get some of the work done here that I need to do, but it's slow going as the computers hiccup from time to time. So I'm backing things up every few minutes, and that slows the working aspect of the job down somewhat.
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