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Lunch is Done, Back at Work

Just back in to the office after lunch.

Work, as I predicted earlier this morning, is extremely busy, and I feel like I haven't had much time to breathe today. The boss is intent that we all catch up on our work, due to the loss of the network for a couple of business days, so there's some pressure from that direction, but I've been handling matters here at the office today to the best of my ability, though I've been a bit foggy-headed the last couple of hours. (Probably due to lack of food, as I accidentally missed the coffee break.)

Lunch was pretty good. I had a bowl of vegetable soup with an asian salad with lots of chicken and some additional beef. Good noodles in the dish, and I feel much better now.

Which is good, since I have two to three more hours here at work this afternoon.

Speaking of which, back to it.
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