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First Day Back at Work

First day back at work in what seems a long while. Given that I've missed a bit of work, I'll be staying later today at the office, since I need to catch up on a few things around here. The paperwork started to pile up!

Things are going well here so far today, although I have found that everyone here, including Donna and a couple of my male co-workers, are treating me...differently. I suppose it's something that I should have expected, of course, despite the fact that I'm feeling fine and wouldn't be here if the doctor hadn't okayed it, but it's a bizarre feeling all the same.

Donna confided in me that apparently, the folks all chipped in and bought a sugar-free "cake treat" of some sort to welcome me back, and we'll be having that over afternoon tea/coffee break. Looking forward to that, but will limit myself to a small slice or whatever of the "cake treat", as I don't want to tempt fate.

Donna has also been asking me about the Unhallowed Metropolis roleplaying game when we've had a chance to talk, as it turns out she's a huge zombie fan (the George Romero films, some of the older, cheesier ones, as well as stuff like 28 Days and the latest vampire flick that was set in the frozen north (which I didn't see, as it didn't appeal to me). Who knows, perhaps someone will convince me to run a Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game of UnMet at some point down the line? :)

Back to work, now. :)
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