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Friday Night's Gaming Session

Had a good time with the Friday night gaming group last night.

The game session of Atlantis: The Second Age went pretty well, as I seem to be getting a better idea of how I want to run the game rules-wise, and the players are getting a grip on their characters and figuring out how they want to play certain aspects of their characters. While there are still some kinks to work out with the game (no doubt due to using a set of playtest rules merged with stuff from the previous two incarnations of the game), I'm getting more comfortable GMing Atlantis: The Second Age with every session that I run. Part of the problem I've had with the game has been reconciling some of the phrasing of the game rules with stuff, bearing in mind that I'm working from an early playtest version of the rules for the Khepera Publishing version of the game. I've had some good input from a couple of folks associated with the game this past week, and have gotten some rules clarifications and the like about elements of the system (notably the Combat materials), and some info about other aspects of the game system, so that made running the game Friday night much easier for me.

As per usual, I'll be doing up a journal entry on the game session sometime in the early part of the week. So those who are interested in how the game session went will have to be just a bit patient. :)
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