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Musings and Ravings

The Life and Times of JohnK

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John Kahane
3 July 1955
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I was born in Manchester, England and moved with my folks to Montreal, Quebec when I was four years old. Went to Ottawa to school, and lived in Toronto for 10 years and worked in the computer industry there. Came back to Ottawa to work, and eventually opened up a science fiction and fantasy bookstore. That fell apart after eight years in business.

I started going bald when I was 25, but the grey hair only started appearing in my late 30's. I'm a palaeontology and archaeology fanatic, and am fond of English football, classical rock music, the blues, listening to Jethro Tull, and roleplaying games of various sorts. Have a fondess for all the wrong type of foods, and developed Type 2 diabetes in late 2004.

Might add some more stuff at a later time.

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