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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming

Another day in the life, as I continue to stay at the Marriott Courtyard East hotel. This is actually my last day at the hotel, since I check out of the hotel to go back home tomorrow, Monday.

In the meantime, SteveR and Tammy will be coming out to the hotel this afternoon to continue on with their roleplaying game campaign. I wasn't sure whether they'd be wanting to game this weekend, despite Tammy's availability, since I'm living in the hotel for the moment, but both players are quite eager to do so.

This means that I'll be continuing on with the Zorro: The Roleplaying Game campaign that we've started, and I'm rather looking forward to that. As noted with the entry about the Friday gaming group's session of play, the hotel room just doesn't have good room ventilation for gaming, so I think that we'll be playing down in the hotel lobby once more in the lounge area. However, with three less players than the Friday gaming group has, I'll leave this up to the players. Gotta take coronavirus into account in these decisions, you know. In any event, I'm just looking forward to gaming. :)

In the meantime, just waiting for SteveR to arrive with some lunch from Kettleman's.

Have a good afternoon, folks! :)

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Gaming this evening with the Friday gaming group is on.

While I'm currently staying at the Marriott Courtyard East hotel, the Friday night players were adamant that we were going to play a game session tonight here at the hotel. However, rather than play the game in the hotel room, after seeing the photo that I posted of the hotel room yesterday, they've decided that they would rather play down in the lobby in the comfortable lounge area. Coronavirus needs, of course. Here's a photo of that space.

I meant to take a photo of the space, but this is the image off the Courtyard's website. There are a few more round tables and chairs in the area where the blue couch is positioned, and we'll be playing there as the five players and I will need the space to properly physical distance while we game. So gaming is on for the night.

I'll be continuing on with the Friday night Zorro: The Roleplaying Game campaign this evening, and am looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I need to finish supper here in the hotel restaurant and get back up to the hotel room and take some time to relax with my feet up. And do a bit more of quick game prep for tonight's game session.

Have a good evening, folks. :)

Settled in at the Courtyard East

Well, I have arrived at the Marriott Courtyard East hotel here in Ottawa's east end, and have settled into my room and am just taking it a bit easy for the moment. Will need to go down and see what I can eat for lunch at the hotel restaurant, The Bistro.

The hotel is quite lovely, the lobby nice and spacious and comfortable, although the new normal for the coronavirus period has forced quite a few changes on hotels when it comes down to it. This one is no different. That said, the lobby has some nice sectioned off areas of chairs and tables, and these will be perfect for gaming tomorrow night.

As for my hotel room, well... Here's a couple of photos of the hotel room.

The room has a King size bed, a very nice desk for sitting and some work, excellent internet and wi-fi service, a nice sitting area, a small kitchenette with a microwave and mini-fridge, and a lovely bathroom with a terrific bathtub (sorry, no photos of the bathroom!). Speaking of the King size bed, the bed is very comfortable, not too hard and not too soft, although the pillows were down/feather, so I had to get the hotel to replace them with foam pillows due to my allergies.

Anyway, a nice, comfortable room.

Now, time for a late lunch.