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Doctor's Appointment Tomorrow

Not looking forward to tomorrow. Aside from the work load that I have to deal with at the office, there is the matter of my doctor's exam tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Still dealing with the fall-out from the prostate stuff and with the bowel problems that resulted from the last prostate medication that was prescribed.

I also intend to talk to the doctor about the metformin stuff, as I've heard that a metformin variant called Glumetza has been known to have less problems with bowel and gastrointestinal upset. So we'll see.

Still, I'm anticipating another DRE tomorrow, and that's never comfortable.

Pain in the Back

Life is always so complicated, isn't it?

Up to this week, I've been feeling pretty healthy, although I'm suffering from the Metformin blues as per usual. Now I can add to that the fact that I've got a terrible pain on left side and back, at waist level. I've likely just been exposed to an air conditioner or some such there, and so have done something to the muscle, but the pain is somewhat distracting, you know? Especially when I move or bend the wrong way. If this continues into the weekend, should make running the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg demo...interesting...

Anyway, off for an early lunch...and some pain killers.

A Relatively Good Weekend

The weekend has passed (in more ways than one), and while it was somewhat kind to me, it also presented me with the start of the adaptation to the new drug dosage. And had a few pleasant surprises as well.

I'm having a terrible time with the Metformin increased dosage, but I expected that and have spent way too much time either in or near a bathroom for the weekend. Just never know where I'm going to be when I have to go to the loo at the moment, so it's a really annoying process. The only good news is that the blood glucose readings are already showing some marked improvement.

Had Friday night off from gaming, since it's Father's Day, and the Sunday group is off today as well (although I'm not worried about that since spross is currently running Hollow Earth Expedition, giving me a break from running on Sundays, which is good), so that simplified the weekend as well for me.

I've been a fan of Sass Jordan, one of the best Canadian female rock 'n roll-ers, for a long time. Every time Canadian Idol (our far superior version of American Idol) airs, I am just amazed and pleased at Sass's musical knowledge, and the sheer lack of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. So I caved in on Saturday, and went to CD Warehouse with spross and picked up Sass's CDs again. I say "again", because I had them at one point, and for some reason I sold them off. I've got all seven CDs again (Tell Somebody, Racine, Rats, Present, Hot Gossip, and the two that I keep forgetting the titles of), and have remembered all over again what it was about her stuff that I really liked.

Took mom grocery shopping late Saturday afternoon, and then came home and had a nice stir fry of beef and vegetables. Then got a surprise... Kathy, Steve and the kids (Ellie and Jessica) came over to keep me company, as Steve and Kathy felt that I was a bit down and all after the Diabetes Clinic appointment. Nick and his girlfriend, Angie, showed up a bit later...and they brought two six-packs of Tim Horton donuts with them, on Kathy's orders.

Had a pleasant evening for sure, playing some A Faery's Tale rpg for a while, and the playing some Ticket to Ride: Europe and just hanging and talking for a while. I had *one* donut, a Boston Cream, that was absolutely delish, and then had a pleasant sleep except for getting up to go to the bathroom twice in the middle of the night. *sigh*

Sunday was pretty quiet, and SteveR came over during the early afternoon. He needed to pick up a Father's Day card, and I had to pick up some birthday cards, so we took care of that.

Made a tuna casserole for supper last night, and that seems to have helped calm my bowels down somewhat, but not completely. Spent the evening reading Jack McDevitt's Eternity Road, a nice little post-apocalyptic world story, watched a bit of the first season of Babylon 5 again, in between bouts of diarrhea. Couldn't have it perfect, now could I?

Back at work this morning, drinking herbal tea and a bit of decaf diet Coke (not together, silly people!) in the hopes of it calming my stomach. So far, so good, even if I am feeling somewhat nauseous. ::crossing fingers::

Diabetes Report

Yesterday was a long day, somewhat filled with pain, and a desire to get some rest afterwards.

I had my regular check-up appointment at the Diabetes Clinic here in Ottawa, but wasn't looking forward to it, since I was also scheduled to undergo a liver biopsy a couple of hours after I arrived at the clinic. My doctor there had arranged for it after the last couple of blood tests had come back, and she was concerned about a few things.

From the diabetes point of view, the doctor was quite pleased for the most part, although since my a1C went up by 0.02 and my cholesterol was still a bit higher than we would like, she told me that we needed to change things up. She put me on an extra 250 mg of Metformin (my favourite drug, not!), raising the dosage to 500 mg twice a day, and changed me back from the Lipidil EZ to the Lipidil Supra again. Other than that, not bad. I need to get back to a diet and exercise regimen, so I knew what was coming at the appointment with the diabetes specialist, and to be honest, it's been my bad the past four months or so.

The biopsy was not the first one that I've had, so the pain was expected and all. I managed to get home, and took some medication and then crashed for a few hours. So all was not too bad. Didn't go on the computer yesterday at all, and didn't really try to do much.

I'm feeling somewhat better today, still feeling somewhat grumpy from the pain, and it is Hades hot outside already, going up to 310C, with a very high humidex, but I plan to take it relatively easy again today, if possible.

In the meantime, got a few things to do on the computer, and my morning tea awaits.

HEX and Hockey

Had a pretty good weekend, with a few things happening.

Gaming on both Friday night and Sunday afternoon was kind of cool. The two gaming groups did the final playtesting of the Hollow Earth Expedition scenario that I'm going to run at CanGames, "The Secret of Lake Qechacua". There were a couple of issues that I needed to resolve in terms of the scenario's ending, and the two playtests did that remarkably well. Ironed out a few bugs while I was at it, and will have to make a few adjustments in the stats and numbers for the characters, NPCs, and creatures, but the scenario now works pretty well. It would make a good HEX campaign scenario as well, with a few modifications.

Caught the Ottawa Senators and New Jersey Devils game Saturday night, and was disappointed with the Sens 3-2 loss in double overtime. The Sens played terrible hockey for the first period, and Martin Brodeur was terrific against them for the final two periods and the one and a bit periods of overtime. Tough loss for the Sens, but I hope they bounce back tonight.

Other than that and taking my mother shopping (since she's lost her car license for the moment), I am somewhat exhausted and all. At least I'm doing all right on the Metformin right now, so things could be worse.

Half Week of Crap :)

Saturday morning. One of the longest weeks of my life so far, and there's still another day to go in it! *sigh* Got up this morning, and when I went upstairs for breakfast what did I see? About 4 cms (1.5 inches) of snow!

Now the good news. I was going to fly out to Calgary this long weekend to see Stef, since she's been feeling down in the dumps and all (not to mention the fact that we miss each other terribly). To my utter delight and surprise, she called on Wednesday night to tell me that she was coming back to Ottawa for the long weekend. Apparently, the company was giving the people on the contract to Calgary four days off for Easter, so as to spend time with friends and family. Stef's plane got in Thursday night, and we've spent some glorious, wonderful, personal time together that I shall not go into.

Now the bad news. As mentioned in previous entries this week, I have started to take Metformin in order to keep my diabetes under (better) control. The drug has all kinds of side effects, one of the worst being diarrhea.

Collapse )

Suffice it to say, I feel as if I can't go anywhere out of reach of a nearby washroom and toilet, and to be honest, that has taken some of the wind out of my sails this week. Stef, of course, is making light of this, and her humour and puns have been one of the few things since she arrived that has kept me sane.

Stef has just left my place to go back to her apartment, and then she's off to do some shopping and see the parents and stuff, so I plan to do some grocery shopping this afternoon, and then catch up on a few things here at the house. She'll meet me back here, and we'll do a nice Chinese stir fry together.

I guess it's been a good week after all, despite the health stuff caused by the Metformin going on. The best part of it is that with the cramps and all, I get tummy rubs from my sweetie. What could be better? :)

Welcome to My World...

This is the day that I knew was coming, but feared to think about.

Those who read this journal on a regular basis know that I have type 2 diabetes. For the past two plus years, I have controlled the diabetes with diet and exercise... But that isn't enough. Diabetes is a progressive disease, and as such, while the different regimens may be effective for a time (even a long period of time), eventually medication and perhaps insulin become necessary to combat the disease and to control it.

For me, that time is today. The results of the blood tests that I got at the doctor's office yesterday showed that my blood results were...good, but not great. My triglycerides were slightly elevated for the first time in two years, my cholesterol levels were up, and the A1c was 6.5%. While the doctor felt that this was within the limits of optimal control, the fact that my blood pressure is up a touch and the bloodwork had rises indicates that the diet and exercise are no longer enough. It's time for medication.

Today, I started to take Metformin. It is the most basic drug of the batch, the first one that diabetics go on. Usually the dosage starts low, and is increased if one can tolerate the drug (see the link for some of the side effects of this one) and if one needs to - which is usually the case, "progressive", remember?

250 mg of Metformin, twice a day.

I'll let you know what happens in the next few days, but in any event... welcome to my slightly more real world...